Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Brief History of How I Got Here

I began writing in elementary school. I wrote articles for our school paper and found that I really liked it. By the time I was in high school I had started writing a wide variety of material: short stories, poems, articles, research papers, letters, journals, anything I could think of.
During the summer, before my senior year, I began writing my first romance novel. I found it a couple of years ago in a box, unfinished, and just waiting on an ending. After graduation I married, had my first child, and started college. My writing for the next few years became all about term papers and to-do lists. It wasn't until after the arrival of my second and third children that I began to write again for fun. I finished my first children's picture book in 1995 complete with illustrations. I attended my first author presentation and book signing at our local library and became even more interested in the writing process. I continued to write short stories and completed another children's book before the arrival of my fourth child. After that my writing went down hill along with my twelve year marriage. Being a single mother of four, working full time, and returning to college to finish my Associates Degree in Accounting, didn't leave much time to write. Although I was back to lists and term papers, I still had that writers desire. By December of 2003, I found myself remarried with two stepchildren, operating a family child care center from my home, and armed with a lot of information for stories to be told. It was during this time that I joined a local writing group and the creative juices began to flow. More than five years have passed since I first walked into that first writers group meeting and my husband and I have since become grandparents and added two more children of our own to the lot, but I feel confident that I am ready to take my writing to another level and work toward becoming a published author.
So, with this blog, I invite you to share in what ever may be in store for me on this journey as I begin to navigate a new path in my life. Along the way I plan to share not only any valuable writing or publishing information I may find, but also stories of my life both past and present, and some of what I have written. I can not guarantee where this journey may take us, but I can promise wide variety and that we will never be bored on the way.

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