Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plugging Along

I wrote my first children's book over 13 years ago. Since then it has been sitting and waiting on me to do something with it, besides taking it out of the folder and looking at it now and then. I can't say exactly why it has taken this long but I think it has to do with growth. Growth as a person, growth as a writer, and most of all a growth in self-confidence both as a person and as a writer.
I can honestly say that I am ready!!! I know that with a lot of hard work and determination I can make that journey from writer to published author. What better way to learn about what the world of writing has to offer than by jumping in and trying it out. I felt it was also appropriate to take my first attempt at children's writing along with me. First of all because I feel very strongly in reading to and educating our children and this project, being a preschool aged concept book, covers both of those areas. My second reason for wanting to focus on doing something with this project is because it has been screaming to get out of that folder for to long now and I believe it has potential not only on its own, but also as a possible series. I promise to share more of this work with you as soon as I have determined that it is complete and on its way.
I have chosen to self-publish this piece for several reasons. The main one being because it is a project that I wish to maintain some level of control over. I also want to use it as a way to get my feet wet in the fast rising river of the self-publishing market. This is my chance to see what its all about, what works and what doesn't. I will be glad to share any information I find useful along the way, but keep in mind what may work or may not work for my project may not be the same for another persons project. Anything I share with you is a matter of personal opinion and should be treated as such. I encourage everyone to do their own research and find what works best for them.
I've spent weeks now reading about, emailing, and talking to self-publishing companies. The first thing I have discovered is that if you truly want it done there is someone out there that will be more than happy to take your money to do it. Research carefully, talk to writers that have used these services, and when you think you have found the one for you, research it again. I will keep you posted on my choice for this project and how it is going once I have given it a fair amount of time to develop a well educated opinion.
Other things I am doing to build on my writing business besides writing this blog and stepping into the self-publishing arena include, but are far from limited to: working with a writing career coach, submitting articles to children's magazines, writing and more writing, and most importantly regularly attending my Y-City Writers Group meetings. I can't say enough about joining a good local writing group. For myself belonging to this group has not only encouraged me to write but to be proud of my work. The members of this group provide not only support, but honest opinions and a wealth of information that I might otherwise miss. There is a lot of information out there; in your community, magazines, and of course the internet to name only a few sources. No one person can access it all, so its nice to have others provide you with what they have found, and to share what you know with them.
Until next time, I plan to keep plugging along with what I enjoy and encourage everyone to do the same, and if at all possible find a group of others that enjoy the same thing and join. You may be surprised by how much it can help you grow.

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